Freedom from Codependency

Dissolving Codependency Course

Freedom from codependency

A 12 week journey to dissolve codependency, anxiety + insecurity so you can finally feel secure, confident + happy within yourself + your relationships.

Welcome to The Dissolving Codependency Course.

This course is the result of literally thousands of hours and years of serving my one-on-one clients within my private practice. Now available in a self-study format, you can finally dissolve the codependent programming and patterning at the origins, within your subconscious mind.

This course is ideal for you if you:

  • Relate to codependency 
  • Struggle with low self esteem
  • Have a history of narcissistic relationships
  • Feel anxious, insecure and not good enough
  • Are ready to dissolve this programming for good 
  • Desire to unlock your true and highest potential
  • Want to feel secure, loved and empowered within yourself and your relationships
  • Are ready to experience emotionally available, healthy and deeply loving relationships

When you dissolve your codependency, you also dissolve the triggers and blocks holding you back from living your best life. Truly.

So naturally relationships, self confidence, meaningful careers are just some areas that undergo massive positive shifts.

My clients describe the transformation as:

“The Dissolving Codependency course was easy to follow yet the results were profound.  It’s like my whole world has opened up with possibilities and I finally have the confidence and ability to embrace them.” – Mel Roberts

So you can finally:

  • Dissolve guilt and anxiety
  • Stand solidly in your self-worth
  • Feel secure, confident and happy within yourself
  • No longer feel compelled to fix or caretake others
  • No longer be triggered or held back by codependency 
  • Quiet the judgmental, comparing and critical voice within

As well as:

  • Feel confident when speaking up and advocating for yourself
  • Confidently establish and uphold solid and healthy boundaries that serve you
  • No longer feel the need to people please, earn love or prove yourself worthy
  • Feel confident being alone and will begin attracting, healthy and emotionally available relationships to you
  • Look forward to stepping into an expansive, empowered and inspiring version of yourself. 

The main areas that my clients typically take this course to dissolve:

  • Anxiety
  • Codependency
  • People Pleasing
  • Feeling Unworthy
  • Not Feeling Good Enough

Here are some other areas the course dissolves:

  • Guilt
  • Fixing and Caretaking
  • Judgement and Comparing
  • Blocks to feeling confident and happy
  • Blocks to establishing solid Boundaries
  • The fear of being Abandoned or Rejected

Here’s how the program works and what is included:

  • You’ll be expertly guided through dissolving the 8 key themes of codependency using Jen’s unique, signature healing methods
  • 8 encoded and powerful guided video healings, specifically created to dissolve the bonds of codependency step-by-step at the origins of your programming, within your subconscious mind – the result is no more triggering in these areas!
  • Each theme includes a powerful and encoded guided healing and a worksheet with practical ways to implement your shifts into your day to day life and examples to draw upon to fully support your healing and transformation
  • Instant + Lifetime access
  • 8 Intro informational videos
  • Worksheets and practical steps to implement and support your transformation
  • BONUS intro and guided healing video to dissolve anxiety
  • BEST of All – You get to say goodbye to the chains of codependency – for good!

"I can honestly say that working with Jen has been life changing. I had been following her on Instagram and I knew one day we'd connect and when we did, the results were spectacular. The inner child work we've done to dissolve my codependency has transformed my life. I cannot praise Jen enough for her compassion and highly intuitive and transformative approach. I trusted her to take me to the darkest parts of my soul and when we went there, I saw the light"
- Ania - UK

"Working with Jen has been nothing short of life changing. Healing with Jen has allowed me to transcend my codependency and really take charge of my life. I have a new understanding of the world around me and I know I have the power to overcome anything that comes my way - instead of writhing around in self doubt and anxiety like I did for so many years."
- Natasha NZ.

Jen is a gifted Multidimensional Healer who specializes in dissolving childhood trauma and programming deep within the subconscious mind to release you from your past and unlock your highest potential and most expansive version of yourself.

Jen’s own personal experience of fully healing following decades of codependency, narcissistic abuse and deep childhood trauma has provided her with the indelible experience and depth of understanding that only comes from walking the path herself. 

Jen has spent over 6 years and literally thousands of hours refining her techniques through her very busy Global Healing Practice. Jen skillfully guides her clients into their subconscious mind to the origins of their trauma and programming to dissolve codependency, trauma following narcissistic abuse and inner child healing. 

Through her experiences, Jen has found the key to unlock you from your childhood programming and codependency, allowing you to fully step into your most expansive and empowered version of yourself and create a life that you absolutely love.

$20 from every course purchased is donated to OURescue - rescuing children from slavery