About Me

From Codependent + Broken After Narcissistic Relationships To Helping 1000’s To Heal As Leading Expert.

Hello, if we haven’t met before, I’m Jen Peters.

For decades, I was severely codependent + a magnet for attracting narcissistic relationships. 

Like so many of my clients, I remember showing up to my first healing session full of uncertainty yet knowing deep down I really needed help.

My world had crumbled, I lost my husband, my home, our friends + what I thought was my future all at once. I had to begin recovering from the narcissistic abuse + manage as a single mom to my son. I left without a job or even any idea of how to begin to rebuild my life…

But that single decision to begin to heal completely changed my life well beyond anything I could have ever possibly imagined. When I think back to my “before,” here’s what I’d say to you and her…

“My love…there is so much more for you…there is a life on the other side of this that you can’t even imagine. It’s all waiting for you.”

Healing from these experiences + deep childhood traumas has given me the depth of understanding that’s needed to facilitate lasting healing results for others. It’s led me to this sacred work.

As a Multidimensional Healer, I specialize in dissolving your childhood trauma + dysfunctional programming deep within your subconscious mind. 

When a sacred + loving space is created to heal, the right foundation is created to begin this intricate process. When you’re expertly guided + ready to do the work, there’s incredible freedom from the emotional trauma, triggers + old wounds that were never yours to carry in the first place.

We all deserve a healing plan that fully supports our unique needs + helps us unlock, access + integrate all that’s possible…that’s why I’ve created this program.